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Pepper Pots

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Pepper Pots are designed to ensure that there is sufficient downwards vacuum suction force on the wafer tape to facilitate a smooth die ejection process. The layout and number of vacuum holes plays an important role for the target die and neighboring dies to be processed optimally. Ideally, Pepper Pots and Needle Holders should be used as an assembly set, as the needle positions on the Needle Holder and Pepper Pots have to be accurately aligned for smooth die ejection.

Oricus manufactures a wide range of Needle Holders and Pepper Pots to fit a wide range of machines from OEMs such as Datacon, ESEC, ASM, Canon Bestem, Hitachi/Fasford, MRSI and more. Needle Holders are available in Single Piece construction or WordStrable Cap configurations.


  • Suitable for use in Die Bonders, Flip-Chip Die Sorters and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machines.
  • Available in various Stainless Steel and Aluminum grades that are suitable for Cleanroom environments.
  • Anti-reflection coating applied on the Pepper Pots to reduce potential issues with vision systems


  • The wafer contact surface of the Pepper Pots come with a smooth finish and controlled flatness to ensure minimal damage to the wafer tape
  • Tolerances of the needle holes are controlled to optimize sufficient vacuum suction force awhile allowing quick and easy needles replacements
  • Oricus’s Die Ejection Systems consisting of Pepper Pots, Needle Holder and Ejector Needles offer high yield, high productivity with minimum downtime

Material Information

Each and every material selected for use in our products go through a stringent Selection, Development and Assessment process. In-house developed compounds are developed with the latest innovations in material technology and feature formulations that are designed specially for use in the Semiconductor industry. For externally procured materials, each material goes through a rigorous Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment programme before being qualified for use in our products.
Material Group Material Description Hardness ESD Surface Resistance (Ω) Service Temperatures (Deg C)
Non Ferrous Metals (NF) Aluminium 7075 HRB 87 Conductive (< E5) 180
Aluminium 6061 HRB 60 Conductive (< E5) 180
Brass HRB 66 - 93.5 Conductive (< E5) 150

Product Information

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Standard Sizes

Part Number X (mm) X1 (mm) Y (mm) Y1 (mm)
ESP-FBPA-DA03-001 2.2 - 1.70 -
ESP-FBPA-DA03-004 1.50 1.50 3.00 3.00
ESP-FBPA-DA03-005 2.00 2.00 4.00 4.00
ESP-FBPA-DA03-006 2.50 2.50 5.00 5.00

Customized Designs

If you are unable to find a size that fits your application from our catalog, get in touch with us and our Application Experts will provide you with a customized turnkey solution according to your die size, process and application.

Part Numbers And Ordering

ENE - jector Systems
  • N - Needle Holder
  • P- Pepper Pot
  • S - Needle Holder + Pepper Pot (Set)
  • L - Stainless Steels
  • S - Steels
  • F - Non Ferrous
  • E - Engineering Plastics
  • P - Performance Engineering Plastics
A to Z Refer to material tables for full listing
  • PA - Holes & Grooves or Holes Only (Single Piece)
  • PC - Pepper Pot Cap Only
  • PA - Pepper Pot Adaptor
  • YC - Adaptor and Pepper Pot Cap (2 Piece)
  • YS - Needle Holder and Pepper Pot Full Assy
  • AP - Alphasem
  • AS - ASM
  • CA - Canon Bestem
  • DA - Datacon
  • EE - ESEC
  • EM - EMTEC
  • HA - Hitachi
  • MR - MRSI
  • PA - Palomar
  • SR - Shibaura
  • SW - Shinkawa
0 3
01 to 50 according to different machine models
0 0 1
  • 01 - 999
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