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Die Shear Tools

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Die Shear Testing is an important process to understand the mechanical reliability of adhesives applied to the Die and Substrate. Die Shear Tools are attached to Die Shearing Test Equipment for testing the shear strength of the die and the substrate it is attached on. Die Shear Tests may utilize high shear loads up to 200KG. It is our recommendation that the width surface of the Die Shear Tool Face is at least 25% larger than the side of the die which comes into contact with the Die Shear Tool.


  • Suitable for use in Die Shear Test Equipment from manufacturers such as Royce, Nordson DAGE, XYZ, Rhesca and more
  • Wide range of designs available, from 80% coverage to >100% coverage
  • Die Shear Tools and manufactured to conform to MIL STD 883 requirements


  • Glossy mirror finish on Tool Face aids operator positioning and set up
  • Extended Tool Face designs allows for better test conditions
  • Our custom designs are especially beneficial for small and micro geometry testing

Material Information

Each and every material selected for use in our products go through a stringent Selection, Development and Assessment process. In-house developed compounds are developed with the latest innovations in material technology and feature formulations that are designed specially for use in the Semiconductor industry. For externally procured materials, each material goes through a rigorous Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment programme before being qualified for use in our products.
Material Description Hardness ESD Surface Resistance (Ω) Service Temperatures (Deg C)
Carbide, K15 HV30 1740 Conductive (< E2) >800
Carbide, K30 HV30 1450 - 1570 Conductive (< E2) >800
Carbide, M30 HV30 1570 - 1600 Conductive (< E2) >800
Carbide K40 HV30 1315 - 1350 Conductive (< E2) >800
Carbide, MG30 HV30 1350-1400 Conductive (< E2) >800

Product Information

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Standard Sizes

Part Number W (mm) T (mm)
BTD-WD-0001-0254-01 2.54 0.50
BTD-WD-0001-0305-01 3.05 0.25
BTD-WD-0001-0317-01 3.17 0.50
BTD-WD-0001-0508-01 5.08 0.50

Customized Designs

If you are unable to find a size that fits your application from our catalog, get in touch with us and our Application Experts will provide you with a customized turnkey solution according to your die size, process and application.

Part Numbers And Ordering

BT– Bond Test
  • B – Ball Shear Tool
  • D– Die Shear Tool
  • W – Wire Pull Hook
  • W – Carbide
A to Z Refer to materialtables for full listing
0 0 0 1
0001 – 9999 Serial to identify the specific design of this tool
0 2 5 4
Tip Width Code
For widths:
4 digit code
0254 = 2.54mm
1 to 99
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